The Story Of David

 (Part I)

by Richard Chaim Rebeck


Every story has its beginning and my story goes back many years to my early childhood. Growing up in a mystical family was certainly a unique experience and one that conditioned me to accept as normal those things that most people consider abnormal. Later I will go into more details of my own life, but this is David's story.

I can't recall for certain the first time I saw David, but as near as I can recall, it was when I was about four or five years old. I saw him leaning back into the corner of my bedroom with his arms folded and eyes closed. Even at that age, I could distinguish between physical and non-physical people and I realized that this was no ordinary person. I was rather perplexed however, at his being in my bedroom so I got out of bed and went into my grandmother's room and told her about the man in my room. I insisted on knowing who he was. "Don't worry dear, he's just your guide,' was my grandmother's answer. Of course it was several years later before I understood what a guide was, but for the time, I decided to let the stranger stay in the corner.

Unlike other guides, mine never chose to play with me but rather was just there whenever I happened to look for him. I had no name for him nor did I feel that he needed one. As I grew up, he would occasionally talk to me in response to my questions and our relationship grew as time went by. I remember that then, as now, he never interfered with or criticized my life, but always responded to my inquiries; though not always clearly.

It was in 1963, that we developed what I call a working relationship. I was an assistant to a famous scientist and during a lecture at a well known Eastern University, the question and answer period at the end of the lecture was turned over to me with only the remark, "My assistant will answer your questions," and my boss disappeared offstage. Naturally I hadn't even been paying attention during the lecture and didn't really understand the advanced concepts being covered. The first few questions were easy and just as my ego started to get going, a question was asked that I couldn't possibly answer. What do I tell him, I thought to myself and just as quickly my guide whispered in my ear, so to speak, and said "Tell him thus and thus." Having no other solution, I gave the answer I had received and to my astonishment, the man thanked me and sat down. From that time onward to present day, I have been able to maintain open communication in this manner - my guide answering the questions in my mind as if whispering in my right ear.

The clairaudient link was only the first of several stages of development between my guide and I . By the mid sixties, I was on the lecture circuit myself, and soon experienced a further link with my guide in that he and I could co-join in my being and provide a more effective lecturing ability. No one ever suspected in those days that there were two of us lecturing, and we certainly didn't tell! I found that my guide could sense the audience better than I could and also had a better grasp of the subjects than I possibly could have had. We were a highly successful team, to the peak of receiving a $1,000 fee to lecture at the same university we started at.

As I continued my career and spiritual development, I found my guide an invaluable source for information not normally available to me. My guide never told me what to do in any situation nor did he ever impress himself upon me without my conscious request. We continued in this manner until 1976. Up till then, he was my guide, but there was no name for him. Starting in 74 or 75, I noticed many people kept erroneously calling me David, instead of Richard, and this reached a peak in 76. Even my wife felt compelled to call me David. Being somewhat frustrated, I brought the subject up during meditation and finally said "Who is David?" My guide simply said "I am," and thus after 35 years, I found he had a name.

Today, David and I have developed a third type of relationship where-in he takes over the body and I step out. He is able to work with eyes open and can move the body at will. In the next issue we'll tell the story of how this developed and what happened then.

Part of this newsletter was dictated by David.

R. C. Rebeck