Light Messenger

Volume 14, Chapter 6



Question: “Is the economy collapse something to worry about?”

David: “The economy has fallen or collapsed many times. It is not something to worry about in the individual sense. When there are economic difficulties, there may be unemployment, there may be lack of certain resources, but basically it is a time for reemerging or recreating. Probably, man's most creative moment is after an economic crisis. More important are the collapses, geological and climatical. They will take many years to be seen. The economy is fragile, but it does not have to collapse. At the moment, it is a political football. That is to say, the salvation of the economy is being utilized politically for the benefit of the campaigns. After the election and a new government begins in the year to come, then the economy will have an opportunity to reestablish and to recover. Do you understand?”

Response: “Yes.”

Question: “Is there anything that families should be doing during the current economic situation?”

David: “Be careful with your reserves. There is no reason to go to any extreme. Avoid unnecessary expenditures, but remember that monetary inflation reduces the value of money as well. Therefore, money should be reasonably invested. There is no particular element that needs to be done by anyone in these times, except to avoid excess, including being overly preoccupied. Remember, that the majority of the recession or economic crisis is created by the politicians and the news media. Think of it, if no one told you that there is an economic crisis, would you think it so when you go to the grocery store? Is it not still full of people shopping?”

Response: Yes.”

David: “If you go into the center you call Wal-Mart or others like it, are they not still full of people? Have you seen any of the larger ones closing their doors?”

Response: “No”

David: Then think well where it is. There is a slowing of business, but you yourself can't say why. The housing market, the construction market, has been drastically reduced. That changes business in any community, especially in one like this that has depended upon the construction industry for a portion of its gross income.

If someone owns a home and finds that its value has gone to low, and they do not wish to sell it, but they wish to sell it (in the future), and the house is still worth more than they paid for it, and even those who own their homes, where is the problem? If you have a roof over your head and its paid for, then it matters little whether the value of that, in one unit or another, has changed appreciably. That does not affect how you sleep or how you eat.

The lack of jobs in areas do affect small businesses more than large. Changes are coming, but they are not only the result of the current recession, if it be that. You have too much information. The information from one end of the country to the other arrives within seconds of an event. Therefore, you put it together and it creates an almost panic like situation.

You will find that there is a stability in the situation that exists. But one, of course, must guard their resources when there is a reduction. If the crops are not going to be good this year, then it would be wise to keep a portion as a reserve or seed for next year. All of these factors affect lifestyle, but even in the worst Depression there were those who made a good living and those who made a fortune.

There was a man, Jerry Bentley, who was employed by Eastman Kodak. He had such faith in the company he worked for, that during the Depression, even though the founder had committed suicide, every paycheck he bought some shares of Eastman Kodak, taking what little he could spare from his household finances. And then in 1958, he was sitting at a meeting of stockholders of Eastman Kodak and raised a question. And the speaker on the podium was rather annoyed that this unknown person was bothering him, or questioning his ability, and he said 'Who are you?' He said, 'I am Jerry Bentley, an employee of Eastman Kodak, and I am a stockholder.' 'Pardon me, how many shares of stock do you own?' And at that moment, they found he was the largest independent stockholder of Eastman Kodak. By the end of the day, he had become a Vice President. But he had his faith in the company and what it did, and in himself, so that during the worst of the Depression that had occurred, he still prospered and reapt the benefits later as well.

As of this moment, there is not a crisis, nor can you over analyze a crisis in an election year. The government could stop the mortgage crisis in a minute by backing up the two major structures (Fannie Mae & Freddy Mac) and providing stability for the mortgage lenders. The object is not to leave houses empty. The object is to put people in those houses, paying something at the moment and adjusting later as time and economy permits. Half of a bean is better than no bean. Do you understand?”

Question: “Yes. Concerning economic investments, we invested in some Canadian oil stock.... “

David: “Does that deal with the Calgary shale oil?”

Response: “Yes.”

David: “That is an excellent investment, the Chinese are interested in buying all that can be produced.”

Response: “In two years, Canada is going to start taxing it. They are not taxing it right now. Is there danger in that?”

David: “There is no danger, they actually should be taxing it now while the market is strong. But the demand... that particular field is the largest in the world, at least it is the largest of the known in the world. It is considered to be perhaps ten times that of Saudi Arabia, and it is much easier to get at, because it is literally and virtually on top of the ground. The processing is going strong, and they are expecting to be at peak production within the next two years, which is why they were given the tax relief to begin with. If one must invest in oil, that is the best choice, better than giving your money to Saudi Arabia who doesn't need it.”

Response: “Is there any danger of someone taking over that location?”

David: “What happens within the politics of groups or organizations is very difficult to tell. Basically, at this moment we see no difficulty or problem. Those are areas that are dependent upon the vile of man, but we see no negative cast. We do see a very positive picture, and it would be very foolish for someone to try to disrupt it at this point, because they have not solidified their agreements.

The United States wants Canada to agree to sell all of the production of that area. Canada wants to build a pipeline to Vancouver, to ship that oil and sell it to other markets that exist. China has offered to purchase all of the production of that area for the next 100 years, and has even offered to make as much as 10 year's payment in advance.

So you see, that is a very profitable zone, nor do we find any caverns beneath to open up and swallow it. We only hope that mankind will find a way to eliminate the need for fossil fuel, but that shall not occur within the time span of investments, or within the lifetime of the majority of you here.”

Question: “Can you recommend any other stock areas that might have a possibility to prosper?”

David: We know little of stocks. In truth, we know the Calgary area, because friends of the entity (Richard) went to work there and informed us of what was going on in that area. And out of curiosity, we chose to investigate further, not from the stock standpoint, but from the project as a whole.

The market is very difficult to analyze. Even those who have many years of experience do not know which way to turn. If we were to be asked directly, who are the two major companies that we would feel secure with over time, or perhaps three, it would be IBM, Hewlett Packard and Intel. These are the three companies that have projects of which we are aware, that are mind shattering in their potential. Therefore, as they turn to release the information of these developments during the next 4 to 5 months, and a year after, they stand to maintain their stability.

The transport industry suffers from excessive costs and a reduction in the need for transportation on a large scale. The food market chains, such as your Winn Dixie and Publix and others of that nature, are destined to disappear and to be replaced by superstores such as those you now have with Wal-Mart and Target. The Wal-Mart and Sams' empire is very stable. The Kmart surprises us that it has survived this long, and we also see that the legs of Sears are trembling like an old man. Those are the major fixtures that we are aware of. Is that of any benefit?”

Response: “Yes, it is, because I've tried to protect some investments recently, and they were all dropped out by the stop losses, which means they depreciated 20% before they activated the stop loss on their own. And they were areas recommended by my broker who I had a lot of faith in, so I am looking to see if there is a way to recover.”

David: “What areas were they?”

Response: “The solar companies had a recommendation to buy, and then the investment company itself, Raymond James.”

David: “The solar is valuable only in the future. There are some new elements now that are coming, that will be of benefit in that area. There are new types of solar cells that have just been released that could make an impact, but the public is not very astute in that area, nor ecologically minded.

To invest within the company itself is an interesting factor, but better in that which produces, than that which sits and thinks. The faith one has in his broker, is it similar to the faith that one has in his God?”

Response: “I'll have to think about that.”

David: “Think well upon it. But we would have told you had you asked of those two things, that the one had its yield only in the future, and that is would fluctuate greatly as the sea does roll. The other, we do not see it, because we have seen too many of those find themselves with a giant wave.”

Response: “The argument for Raymond James was, they were not involved with the major mortgage problems. Their hands were clean, but they got dragged down with a broad brush of the investment companies' fall.”

David: ”There is an old saying in the Spanish language, and I will translate it for you. It says, 'Tell me with whom you walk, and I will tell you what you are.' If one is in that business, then naturally one will be dragged down with the others, as you say, even though they be innocent. But that is almost like saying that there is such a thing as an innocent politician. Do you believe that?”

Response: “I'd like to.”

David: “You'd better dwell upon your concept of God and think. Proceed.”

Question: “I have a son who is a Blackhawk pilot. They are planning to send him to Afghanistan later this year. Is there anticipation for more than a year? What dangers do you see?”

David: “There are many dangers, and you should ask both the entity (Richard) and Sal and David to keep him in protection as much as they can. It would be helpful to give each of them a photo of your son. Do you understand me?”

Response: “Yes, thank you.”

David: “There is great danger in that area, and it would most likely last more than a year. But again, we are in the middle of a political game, so we do not know what the outcome will be. The Taliban are in truth, a formidable enemy, but whether their uprising is timed to make us more tense, or whether we have let our defenses down so that they would have an opportunity to create more of a bother for political gain, is not clear. This should not have happened is what we are saying.”


Question: “Could you comment on what occurred with the healing which we recently did for Richard?”

David: “The energy flowed into the appropriate areas and did produce a change. Whether or not that change is permanent or temporary is difficult to say, but it was an effective healing. Do you understand?”

Response: “Yes. In my visual of the healing, it seemed like the energy came in rather clearly and quickly in the beginning, and then became sluggish and suddenly dark. Could you explain that?”

David: “The perception in the beginning was the need and the demand, and probably, the duration was a bit longer than was necessary. Remember, that you have to feel for the point of release, of when to let go.”

Response: “I kind of felt that it was over and continued it.”

David: “That is exactly what we are saying. Does that assist you?”

Response: “Yes, it does.”


Question: “Since I am new here and have never done this before, I was wondering if you could see what my guides want me to do?”

David: “What your guide wants for you, is what your soul wants for you. Your guide is to assist you and can only do so if you allow the guide to participate. One can treat the guide as if he were your guarding angel if you are comfortable with the term or concept, or simply an invisible friend who can respond to you by placing thoughts in your mind, or dreams at night, or giving you sudden intuition when you need to make a decision.


And it does not have to be out loud. It can be in your mind. And you can give your guide a name, they have no egos. Give your guide a name and communicate. Ask questions and give the permission to answer you, and in what manner, by thought, by dream, by impulse. Those are the beginnings. The guides manage to communicate, even with the most resistant individuals, by giving them thoughts and dreams, but many are thrown away or not listened to. And at times you say, 'I knew what to do, but I didn't do it. I had the feeling, I had the idea, the thought occurred in my mind,' and those times are usually the guide trying to assist, but the guide never orders or directs. They are your assistant and your friend.

In the case of people who do not have much experience with this area, people tend to think of guides as masculine or feminine, the truth being, that they are androgynous. They are neither male, nor female, but have taken the male or female form in order for you to be more comfortable with them. Some people would find it difficult to have a female guide, and others would have difficulty with a male guide. These are the reasons that the guide will take an identity form.

To assist you in the name choosing, I will tell you that your guide has taken a feminine form. And, remember to think of your guide as a friend, but what your guide desires most is daily communication. It is most recommended in the morning when you rise, and at night when you retire, asking your guide to assist you during the day, and planning as you will, what it is you are to accomplish that day. And at night, to reflect upon what has transpired, and what you have learned from that. Do you understand us?”

Response: “Yes.”

Question: “What is happening to the colonies of honey bees? Why are they disappearing?”

David: “They are still thriving. It is unknown what was causing, but most of it is the toxic effects and the fumigations that have gone into the atmosphere. Remember, the poisons that can kill a bumble bee, won't even make you cough, but they are there. But at the moment, they seem to be surviving, and during time, they have their cycles as well. When they are in areas of great volcanic eruption, a great many of them die, because of the smoke and ash. But they are a hardy species, and at this moment, we do not see them coming to an end, nor in danger by the reduction, though it is certainly an important element.

It is again the same issue as always, if we do not keep the green Earth green, then nothing can live upon it. Every acre of land that is destroyed to build upon, is the home and habitat of creatures small and large and a source of oxygen for all of you. If you could simply look at the world as we see it, and see how nearly half of the world has been reduced, where the production of oxygen and the myriads of creatures have been changed. Even the most obnoxious of creatures have a reason to exist, and they are part of the chain that keeps the world alive, but it is a good question and an important one.”

Question: “David, it seems that we do not have any more questions tonight. Is there something you wish to deal with?”

David: “Not in particular. The feast that was prepared has placed all in a very relaxed state, and all are quite comfortable, though I am only sorry that the Queen could not make it, or the Duke himself. It was indeed a sumptuous feast. It is not often that we are treated to such a thing.

We do our best in trying to bring you the communications from your guides and from our sources throughout the Universes. Our sense of time is different than yours, and at that, at times we seem strange. Our memories are long. You remember 10, 20, 30, 40 years ago as but yesterday, and we remember 10,000 years ago as if it were but yesterday.

We see with clarity, the nature and intent of each person, but we judge them not. And we grant them our blessing in the hope that they will find the power within themselves to use their energies for the betterment of others as well as themselves. There is no place in the world for a selfish person. If you do not give something of yourself each day, you are lost. It is true, it is better to give than receive, but only if the gift you give is only out of love, and not out of the necessity to do it. A complicated riddle.

Life is a process of unification. It is bringing yourselves together as one in purpose-- individuals with different personalities, different desires, different goals in life, but unified in the idea of living your lives in harmony with each other and with your environment, and with your fellow creatures. Today, you saw a small creature wandering in the back yard, and well you might be amazed at seeing the fox come so close to the house. Can anyone here tell me why, with all the smell of dogs and people, why did that she fox come so close to the house?”

Response: “Because she smelled the turkey?”

David: “I doubt very much if a she fox knows what a cooked turkey smells like. She came, possibly because of the smell of food, but she also came closer than a she fox would normally come to a home where there are scents of dogs and others about. She came because of the energy she found within the house. She found the house radiating the energy of those within, and she therefore felt safe in coming closer. Do you understand?”

Response: “Yes.”

David: “That in itself is a blessing, and we hope that she found her dinner for the day. And with that we bid you farewell.”

Group Response: “Thank you, David.”

Copyright by Richard Rebeck, Peggy Steinberg,  Salvatore Cacciola