Light Messenger

Volume 14, Chapter 2


Conversations with David -- Forgiveness (April 17,1991)

"David this pertains to my family. I have four brothers and three sisters and we are all very close and I was wondering if you could tell me if there was a past life that we were all together in?"

"One moment. It is a little complicated. You have not come together as a single family before though all have come together before two or three at a time and there have been occasions when all existed upon this plane at the same time but in different geographic sectors. Do you understand?"


"It was thought to be a good idea to coordinate the time arrival to this current lifetime."

"Why was it a good idea, I mean is there a purpose we are all together now in this life? Is here something we should be doing together as a family?"

"Not in the karmic sense. It is more in the sense of being comfortable with the energy of one another. The good idea being an expression of desire to have some help, support, within this time cycle as you individually work out your lessons or karma. Do you understand?"

"Yes I do."


"In reference to Johnny's mother our little brother, I do not feel comfortable at all when I am close to her as a matter of fact I don't even feel comfortable talking to her. Do you have any recommendations that what I should do to get the relationship better?"

"There is no particular necessity to be more than polite. The relationship does not have to be a close one in order to assist the child. The problems she has are private concerns of her own. Do you understand?"



"I don't have any questions. Do you have material for the Light Messenger? The thought had come up while Carmen was speaking on the subject of... have we touched the subject of forgiveness and karma?"

"Forgiveness is a difficult word in your language. If one forgives to release karma have they accomplished anything?"

"I don't think so."

"There are many things that we do not discuss, not for lack of desire but more for lack of benefit unless there be a question direct. To forgive another you must first forgive yourself. The act of forgiveness is the realization of your part in attracting an event, your interaction with that event and the acknowledgement that the other person or party involved was fulfilling their necessity or their need to learn. Let us go back to the little man of India, the one called Gandhi, do you recall how he died?"

"Yes he was assassinated."

"And what happened?"

"He forgave the person who assassinated him."

"Why did he do that?"

"Because, he maybe did it because otherwise he will in the next life come together with this person?"

"Gandhi was well advanced as a spiritual being he could have passed and still not returned with that person."

"Say that the assassin was fulfilling his destiny in creating a martyr so that what he was trying to do would be enhanced."

"That is closer to the truth. Gandhi realized that his work, his life and his message attracted this type of an element and that for him to fulfill his particular roll as Savior of his people, he needed to be crucified or made a martyr. Therefore the man that shot him followed through with the energy collective that gathered about Gandhi, became the hand tool of that energy and in an indirect form served Gandhi in his termination and fulfillment of his roll. Even as the story tells of Pontius Pilate washing his hands, it would have equally of value to have given the words in the mouth of Jesus to have said to Pontius that he forgave him but one could assume that Pontius Pilate and all were included upon the statement that is given from the cross of 'forgive them for they know not what they do'.

Therefore forgiveness is indeed a complicated thing. If we have said to you that no one can do a thing unto you that you have not attracted unto yourself, that you have in effect cause this to pass, to happen. Then why should it be necessary to forgive them? It is only necessary to forgive if you have not understood the truth in the beginning or maybe it is necessary so that the other person may know and understand that you are part of the truth and thereby hold no link to them for the future of other lives.

But just as the truth of the rebirth is valid we can not make too much of it for we do not wish mankind's seeking to return to the world of spirit before it is time and failing to complete the cycles that are necessary. If all men could remember the true nature of the spiritual plane I fear that the rate of suicide would increase drastically. If all men forgave only to gain ascendancy then none would have forgiven, none would be forgiven and the karmic debt would be greater than if nothing had been said. Do you understand?"

"Yes I think I do."

"How may we clarify your thought?"

"So saying the words without having the feeling within of actual forgiveness or on that level does not basically do anything."

"Does not hypocrisy always breed the same?"


"Does repentance that is mouthed but not felt have any meaning? But remember also that the forgiveness is a bilateral act. You can not forgive someone who does not forgive themselves."

"I think I am lost there for a second. If you honestly within yourself forgive a person for harming you and there was mutual harm inflicted, the person who is doing the forgiving who actually feels the forgiveness within cannot forgive?"

"Not if he does not forgive himself."


"If another harms you, you have asked him to harm you."


"And then you become angered because he harmed you and then you wish to forgive him for what he did but you must first forgive yourself for your moment of anger, before you can forgive him. Is not forgiveness like healing?"


"And can the person who has not cleansed himself spiritually, heal?"


"Have we not said that the healer must prepare himself? Are not these all one of the same thing?"

"I guess they are. Yes."

"If one hurts you in the truest idyllic sense, from the spiritual standpoint one might actually ask forgiveness of the other person for having drawn him into a position of hurting you and of course your logical human reaction would be that is utterly ridicules. If a man comes to rob you on the street, let us put reality into perspective. If man walks up to you and with gun or knife demands your wallet, what is your attitude to this man?"

"You have attracted this man for reason."

"You have attracted him and you also have created him have you not?"

"Yes on some level but not totally comprehending how."

"The majority of life is without comprehension. You as part of society have failed in the education, you as part of society have failed in helping others, you as part of society have left this one out in the cold where he now must be like an animal to survive.

There is no question that one cannot leave such a person to roam the streets and do harm to others, but one can not condemn him totally as a spiritual being. If you had a family and children, and they were hungry and you had no money and no job, and no one would give you charity and your children were ready to die of starvation what would you do?"


"Say it again."

"I would do anything, I would probably put myself in the position of the robber."

"Then one does not know wherefore does this man rob. But the first and natural human reaction is anger and hatred, and fear and more hatred because he made you fear him. But these are natural human reactions, therefore you must forgive yourself for them. Do you understand?"


"You also must forgive the society that helped to create him, and you must forgive him, for he knows not what he does. One example more drastic than another, one more sublime, but all such things are part of the reality. Imagine the thief who encountered only peace and tranquility with all of his victims where each victim gave him of what they had and blessed him. Where would his anger go? In order to steal he must become angry he must convince himself that you have stolen his opportunity, that you have what is rightfully his.

Forgive yourselves, forgive yourselves as a nation for allowing thousands of the refugees in Iraq to die, to perish. Forgive yourselves for causing their children to die of starvation and disease. Forgive yourselves for creating a government that serves itself. Forgive a political system that continued to provide military arms and materials to the enemy even days before the war began. Forgive yourselves for having polluted the atmosphere and the planet and pray that future generations will forgive you for what you have done and not curse or condemn you. Forgive the errors of the past, and they need not repeat themselves.

Forgiveness is like a valve to the sea itself. One can begin and never end with the subject. To forgive or in some cases to forgo the pleasure of revenge, the animal that is wounded will seek to attack whoever or whatever caused the wound. You are the conscious beings, would you hire a servant to wake you at five and then beat the man because he called you at five, and yet you do in essence the very same thing. You cast your reflections upon others and when they respond to that reflection of yourself you accuse them of doing to you the very things you have asked them to do.

It is well; do you have now a better understanding of forgiveness?"


"Is there another thought that you would care to put forward?"

"There is related to the equinox."

"Which equinox?"

"The spring, summer."

"The vernal equinox."

"Ok, and the other three time periods. You have given us a cleansing to do at that time period. Maybe for the readers of the Light Messenger you can go over that and if there is something that we can do with the other equinox in the summer and the fall that might be appropriate."

"It is not so much that there is something to do at the others, but something can be done. We do not wish to create the structures of primitive or ancient religions over again. They were taken out of context. The spring or vernal equinox is the beginning of life again in the regions that have known the colds of winter. It is the time period when the house can be opened and cleaned and aired out, to bring in the fresh air, the new birth, the new grass, the new flowers.

The solstice as the period in the summer around the twenty-first of June, is that time period where we first begin to see the fruit of the springs work coming forth. This is where the crops are coming forward and we are starting to rise from the germination and seedling into the maturity and blossoming, to bring forth the fruit.

In the fall, in the autumnal equinox you have the harvest occurring around the twenty-first of September. This is the time the earth gives forth her fruit and the winter solstice at the twenty-first of December is when the world lies sleeping or dead as in the mystery plays the death has past and we wait now for the rebirth in the spring.

Did it not occur to you that when Lazarus was brought forth from his tomb that one of the first things that likely occurred was for him to take a bath?"

"No, it did not occur to me. After being there for three days I figured you had to take a bath."

"The ancient law required ablution, the bathing before presenting oneself to the priest. The symbolic structure of cleansing, the ridding of the old, of that which was dead, the rid of the grave clothes and bring forth. One must understand the symbology and it is wise and well to celebrate these times if one does not try to make a religion out of them and create rituals that transcend the simplistic idea of nature itself.

Each year is like a lifetime, it is the lifetime of the earth as it becomes impregnated, gives forth fruit and then itself dies to be reborn again. These are the cycles, the cardinal points and even as the winter solstice represents the shortest day, the longest night, the darkness that seems permanent, so beyond it, is the time of reawakening.

If the king comes to visit your home, it is only natural that you should cleanse it and prepare it to be worthy of the reception and so it is with the vernal equinox. Even as you prepare your home, symbolically you should prepare yourself. In a form of speaking one could also take from another sage, the words of prepare thyself and repent one day before your death. If one were to prepare himself for death, aside from the forgiveness he might try to do at the last moment, that would have no avail, he might also prepare himself.

These are all part of the thing, of the equinox. Cleans thy house and prepare it in the springtime, put yourself in nature in the solstice of the summer, take in your stores with the harvest of the fall and contemplate upon the past when the solstice of winter does blow cold at the door. But make no more than symbology of these times, for all is symbolic. Proceed."

"I have no further questions. Is there anything you wish to deal with David?"

"We have dealt with many things have we not?"

"Yes you have."

"We have touched lightly upon some things to give food to thought. We do not wish to create political boundaries. We do not wish to become involved in the politics. What we do wish that you upon this plane, would stop sending us souls by the thousands. It is sufficient to care for those that pass their transition by natural cause, but we do not need to see the thousands murdered by their own race. That abomination cast a pallor upon all of mankind for you are all responsible and heaven only knows if the victims will forgive you. That is all for now."

A Message from David

"We will have a messenger, but first, we would remind you of an important element regarding communications such as this. Though we have never touched upon it, one should realize that much of the messages or many of the messages given by the so-called prophets of old were in fact information either from the Guides or from the Brotherhood. Thus explaining the ability at times for the prophets to be aware of information not otherwise known. Information hidden or private and at times information of a predictive nature within the bounds of predictability. Do you understand?"


"The source of all material that has been termed communicative or prophetic has flowed from various channels. Only on rare occasions has a negative source managed to make a permanent communication.

The problem is always the interpretation, the memory and the translation. Look well at the difficulties that you have if it is not recorded. Even those of you with years of experience do change the words until you again listen to the tape. Do you understand?"


"It is the tendency of man to remember that which he wishes to believe and not that which he heard."

Messenger I - Decline Of Civilization (Jan 29,1992)

"Greetings from the Brotherhood.

In the history of mankind civilizations have come and gone, have grown to greatness and faded to nothingness. Others have survived in but a fragment of their former glory. Others have been reborn many times.

We give you the example of Egypt which is but a faint shadow of its former self and upon the ruins of one civilization, another is built. One should ask why is it that civilizations do not persist? What is the key element that led to their destruction or downfall? Why could they not survive? Why did the golden age of Greece pass into nothingness, as did the might of Rome and Mesopotamia and what of the Sumerians, the Babylonians, the Arcadians, thousand upon thousands of civilizations that have ceased to exist? Some of them we might term a race of people, others a nation. Even in your time national boundaries change and evolve but the people remain the same. But civilizations do disappear even after thousands of years of development, they have disappeared to be heard of no more.

What is the key then? Is it an immorality, is it a lack in a belief or adoration of deity, was it a social unrest, did the society become a Sodom and Gomorrah fit only to be destroyed? In part each of these things is true. Included are natural disasters and economic changes. What becomes of a nation that is bankrupt? In the ancient time it was divided amongst its creditors and therefore existed no more.

In times of conquest, the same was true even as this nation is but the byproduct of murder, rape and pillage of the original inhabitants of this land. You begin to prepare for the celebration of five hundred years since the conquest, a bloody conquest, but this is but one form for the ending. At least the memory of that civilization lives on and fragments of its survivors can be found.

But some civilizations exist only in history, in legend and reference, and no trace of them can be found. What then is the key factor? What makes a civilization great is its unification. It is a group of people working in a cohesive manner unified toward a common goal with a common set of standards, morals, and values. This is what builds a civilization and it is exactly the opposite that destroys it or tears it down. When the people become individualistic and not group oriented or you might term it family oriented, when they harden their hearts and become separatists, when they abandon their morals and values and become hedonist or libertines then the seeds of destruction are sown the disintegration begins.

This nation (USA) is part of a complex pattern, for in the world you have created a certain commonality, the danger of a communal system of belief is that, if it is lost all is lost. You, as a civilization, are in danger of becoming extinct, not by some natural catastrophe, they will do their job, not simply through economic bankruptcy though that too will occur in many areas but rather because the social fabric is rent and when that fabric is rent or torn the morality disappears. When we speak of morality we speak of those basic principals of brotherhood, of peace, of good will toward others.

Man has the confusing idea of religion. He believes that the deity wishes for man to adore it. The deity only wishes for man to adore the deity in each other. Religion as a term is simply an expression of the unification of mind, body, and soul expressing itself in a harmonious outreaching.

But where then is the example of the decay, where are the termites that are to destroy the home of your present civilization. They are few in number but the multitude of them within each is great. The first problem though not necessarily in the order of cause and effect, but the first and great problem that exists in the world today, which stands poised to destroy the civilization is the one that you refer to as the drug problem. The cocaine and crack cocaine being one of the dominant elements has enslaved the world to a degree not seen in the history of man, other related drugs are also taking their effect. The person who is addicted to drugs knows no concern for the world about him, much less for his immediate family or friends. The only thing of importance is satisfaction of the habit.

The second precursor to the end of the civilization is the numbers of homeless that are beginning to wander your streets, they are like the shadows of the sins of your life walking about you, for they are the product of your own acts. These homeless are not simply the vagabonds of yesterday, the alcoholics, the few lost men, but now amongst their ranks and growing to the majority are woman and children, young and old, and many are neither drug addict nor alcoholic, but they are part, and the rest have hardened their hearts and see not the suffering and do nothing to help those in need.

The third element is of course the materialism, the materialistic greed to possess things, to take oneself to the ultimate state of pleasure where now one of your fantasies of science fiction has become a reality. You can place the machine upon your head and program your mind. The seeking of complete release and pleasure through such things again removes one from concern or awareness.

The fourth element is the continued reduction in the part that religious or spiritual values play in your governmental system. The separation of church and state was never intended by the founding fathers to be an exclusion of spiritual values, but simply unidirectional. The intent of the constitution and its amendments was to prevent the government from controlling or directing the spiritual beliefs of the people. It was never intended to prevent spiritual values from guiding government.

The corruption that faces the nation today and the world, is the corruption caused by disbelief and lack of spiritual values. This type of corruption is more corrosive and through it we have a dismantling of the social structure. So we have the drugs as one element, we have the hedonism of looking for pleasure, we have the materialism, we have the lack of spiritual values, the educational system no longer incorporates the religious or spiritual catechisms to guide the young and as the moves continue in this direction, it is like cutting notches in wood. Soon the stick shall be completely notched and then the society as it is beginning to, shall completely disintegrate and shall leave no remnant. When the individuals allow the government to become God, and do not control it. When the individuals fail to respond to the needs of their fellow man, when they allow hunger to go rampant within their own community, the excessive poverty and down to the abusive suffering of those who are called the street people. When one closes their eyes to the drug problem in the street and allows the corruption of values systems within the government, these are indeed the crumbling of the foundation or the fabric, they are the termites that shall destroy the house.

The original concept of this country and part of its motto was In God We Trust. That statement implies a belief in God, one would not trust in a God that one did not believe in, ergot there a belief implied in the structure. We fear that soon even that may be removed as they wish to revise the pledge to the flag and remove "One Nation Under God". A nation that is not under God shall not stand. The nation that denies it's spiritual origins shall not continue. The nation that does not show charity to it's less fortunate and does not feed it's hungry shall not be remembered in the history of time.

We can not close our eyes to the sight of wretchedness that is encroaching upon your country even as a mold upon a wall. Return to the foundation, strengthen it or the body collect shall crumble as it's foundation is destroyed from within. This cancer is the direct result of the application of negative energy or better put, the handy work of the dark forces. The triumphed, or the coming of the period of light shall not come to pass until a civilization can be born that will continue to follow the path, the path of righteousness. These are times which lend themselves to the molding of the fabric of life. Let not little men make great holes in the foundation and the fabric of life. Look for leadership to those who would maintain the spiritual values.

The people are lining up in the streets to protest abortion and we abhor the loss of life even as they but we have said that the problem lies not in the abortion but in that act which led to the state of being, but that is not to condone abortion. But if the loss of life of an unborn child is of such great importance then where are the marchers and the protesters for the millions who are wandering the streets and no, we did not error in number, we said millions and millions they are. Think well, that in your little district here (St. Johns County) you could not house all of the homeless of this nation. The homeless and disadvantaged of this nation are greater in number than the population of the city you call New York and it is growing. Will you be part of them tomorrow? Where there is no light there can only be darkness. Look to the fundamentals, look to the foundation, look to your own salvation!

That is all for this time."

More Conversations with David

"I have a question in relation to what the messenger spoke about."

"That is the best place to begin."

"Yes David, I feel very strongly about the homeless problem in our country and yet I have a sort of a confused thought in that a few months ago you made a statement that said that it would require something like seventy five percent of a working persons income to be withheld in order to solve all the problems of the homeless in the country. Was that an accurate statement?"

"That was if the solution was through the Government. For the Government to take care of the homeless it would require that, yes."

"I guess my point of confusion is that if the problem is that massive and that the Government wont or cant then what is the potential solution?"

"Look first to, where is the potential out come, what will happen if it continues? Complete anarchy will run in the streets. Your science fiction movies of after atomic attack will be accurate without the atomic attack. You will have bands of people roaming to loot and kill and take what they wish with the government practically helpless as the numbers increase, as civil disturbances shut down more operations more businesses and create more unemployment. The numbers of the homeless increases until the point where the government collapses. But let us return to a previous time and existence.

Man by himself has never needed a government. Government was the foolish invention of man when the first time he said, we need a ruler. What was needed was local judges selected out of the people to settle matters of dispute but now you have created a bureaucracy. But the solution rises to the forefront; the solution does not come from the government. Waiting for them to solve it will arrive at the point of anarchy riots in the street. It is up to the people to first look to change the government through their natural selective process, and it is for the people to look for opportunities to help or assist. Would it not be better to give a tenth of your income to help the homeless, than to give 75 percent of your income to the government?"

Yea, I'd be able to fill out my tax form and tell the government what I want my taxes spent for, like Joan Baez withholding money that was going for the war effort, or whatever, so."

"But there are organizations that do assist others wherein at least the money given to them is as you term, tax deductible, some of the simplest organizations such as in your own community, the Salvation Army, the St. Francis House, and other similar groups.

Recently the entity learned that the Council on Aging is in economic disaster and is no longer able to provide the meals on wheels to the elderly and maintain a balance. All of these things bring about the disruption. If a man at least has a charitable meal in his stomach, he thinks less about roaming around to rob your house, or to attack you for what you have. A recent visitor to the entity told of a place where a man can be killed for the shoes that he wears. Is that what you wish to find? "

"No, no."

"Each one must in some small way, begin to look for solutions and provide assistance. And it is not a question of percentages it is a question of beginning to act. Look to provide some assistance to groups that are set up to help, or become instrumental in working with such groups, either through time or donations of what you have. Only through the caring of the community can these people realize that there is a hope, And while you are there to look for your opportunity, bring others into the sharing. Remind others of the need.

The first thing that a hungry man needs is a meal, the second thing he needs is shelter, the third is some warm clothing and even a bath. And it doesn't matter that they roamed here from the north or from the south or from the west or from the east. What difference does it make from whence they came? They are your brothers and they are disadvantaged and without them, without them contributing, the government needs more and more from you. If half of the people in this nation lose their income, who will provide the money for the government and how, the other half, by increase in taxes."

"That relates to your other statement earlier about the welfare system being a cancer."

That is correct. It is a cancer because it is administrated in a machine like fashion and not by caring hands and hearts.

"So we should change all our administrators."

"That is a good beginning. As you know we are not allowed to be politic."

"So it is conceivable that a truly kinder, gentler presidency, not speaking of Bush but a different presidency, a different administration, a different conceptual government with goodwill behind it might stand a better chance to solving that type of problem."

"Providing the first step towards solution comes from the individual. If you can pass the homeless on the street and feel nothing then you are part of the problem and not part of the solution."

"I cant see a guy digging in a dumpster. I walk up and stick money in his shirt pocket because I know that's all he's got is the dumpster and the broken bicycle he's wheeling with him."

"But do remember that at times the organization that assist do a better job than just the money put into a shirt pocket. They put food into the belly and clothing on the back, better than the bottle of wine. But these are the areas where all must reach out. If it were your brother who was homeless and without food and shelter would you allow him and his wife and children to sleep in the street?"

"No. I'd do all in my power to make sure that did not happen."

"But aren't all men your brothers."

"Yes indeed they are."

"Then each one who claims to be of the light must look for his or her opportunity to serve no mater how small the effort. There is an elderly gentleman known to the entity and to Carmen who has retired many years ago and still daily dons older clothing and goes to pick up cans to sell them, not for himself, but to give the money for the organization such as the Council On Aging and after doing this, goes and serves the food to the needy as well. This he does quietly unnoticed making his contribution. But we need millions to do so but as always a lake is formed drop by drop. Proceed."

"I have a personal question but am reluctant to ask it, about housing considering I have so many homeless people around me."

"That is not an improper thing to ask. We have always responded to your individual needs as well."

"Yea, I feel guilty about thinking about getting another house when there are people around us who are homeless."

"One should not feel guilty about accumulating as long as the accumulation is not your God. One should not feel bad about investment. There is nothing unspiritual about accumulating economic stability and in truth the Light Worker who is truly in balance should find himself flowing toward an economic well-being, provided it does not become unbalanced. What is your question?"

"Well, it's a question of balancing because I have a unique problem where... Susan and I both have a unique problem where we're trying to balance our security with the potential for perhaps getting a different or bigger house. The bigger house would mean more expenses and more luxuries, so there is a balance there I'm trying to consider that, or to simply spend the money remodeling the house I'm with now and having it paid for much sooner. So I'm struggling with trying to balance whether I want to go into debt more or to perhaps stay right where I am in housing because I'm not unhappy with that and quite simply, I'm not sure which is the wisest decision to make. To stay where I'm at and keep my payments to a minimum and be economically secure or to go for something bigger and better. I'm on a roller coaster emotionally with making a decision."

"And what is your question?"

"My question is which course of action to consider. Getting the eighty-five thousand or ninety thousand dollar mortgage on another house or to stay where I am and maybe have the house paid of in nine years or less and be more economically secure in that standpoint. Which courses of action is the most prudent considering our present circumstances and the economy, you know, in the foreseeable decade."

"Both directions are prudent. And a third direction also is prudent. Do you not recall our conversations back in the seventies and the warnings we gave?"

"Yea, the economic difficulties, yes I do remember the need to become more unplugged from the system, using less electricity yet less utilities. To keep food reserves, to remember a number of things that we had to be aware of and to be prepared for because we weren't sure how stable the economy was going to be."

"Did not you go through a recession in '83?"


"Did you not see the continued progression downward of the economy?"

"Yes, but at the time I wasn't a home owner really and I didn't, I was renting and making ends meet, I didn't."

"Is not the economic condition of the country as a whole, worse than it was in the seventies?"

"I'm really not sure."

"Did you have homeless in the seventies as you have today?"

"No, we have more homeless today."

"Did you have the unemployed then as you have today?"

"I think the percentage is as high as it was but I think the numbers are greater."

"That is correct. These times have more personal bankruptcies, more corporate bankruptcies, more companies failing, more people homeless, on the street, more people that are prisoners of drugs. All of this has come through that time period. Is there light at the end of the tunnel? Always! Is an investment wise? Certainly, if one can see the way to fulfill it. Is it wise to unplug from the society? Certainly. Is a rural location better than a city? Absolutely, for obvious reasons, a rural location can be more self sufficient, is less subject to fluctuations in taxes and has less demand placed upon it by governmental agencies but that does not rule out the investments does it?"

"No it does not."

"These are all factors. This decision does not have a yes or no, should or shouldn't therefore we must leave it back in your hands."

"I understand."

"It is not out of balance in any of the directions spoken but if a man came to me and said should I buy a ninety thousand dollar home or should I buy two hundred acres of land, we would choose the land. Do you understand?"

"Yes I do understand."

"Remember that you are part of the earth and though you spend half of your lifetime trying to wash it from your body, it sometimes bemuses because your body is made of it and we do not suggest that you stop taking a bath but it is simply the idea that you and the earth are one, you are an integral part of each other. One sustains the other and one maintains the other, nor is everyone suited for living in a rural environment. We must have dwellers in the city just as there must be workers in the factory. As long as there is harmony, it is not important for some people to see the stars in the heavens and for others it is an absolute necessity.

Look to your own balance and that of your wife's. Find that which is most comfortable for you and then follow through with absolute dedication to the idea. It is the wavering dedication that is more dangerous than any of the directions you have considered. Do you understand?"

"Yes, that piece of wisdom is gold because the wavering dedication sums up where I was at exactly because everything about the house has something I liked except I couldn't dedicate myself to it one hundred percent without feeling ice-water in my stomach or the queasiness about taking on more debt. It was uncertain to me even though I had assurances from other people of monies and that type of thing in that my mother would help me etcetera, but comfortable and secure in not wavering I think that I can make a better decision. I do appreciate the information."

Conversations with David -- Homelessness and Hunger (Feb 26, 1992)

"I repeat; how is it with an economy so devastating that is destroying the lives of tens of thousands of your fellow countrymen and you ask nothing of it or about it? Have you become so accustom to tragedy that the numbers mean nothing? Do you not understand the announcement from your General Motors?"

"Oh the amount of layoffs."

"That is correct. In excess of sixty thousand persons to be eliminated. They are bringing the troops home from Korea that will produce another forty to fifty thousand in the unemployed. Unemployment is no longer a general word, unemployment is like the depression of the thirties. Do you know the history of the great depression?"

"Some of it."

"That men women and children stood half a day in a breadline to receive a piece of bread and a cup of soup. Anarchy would have ridden the streets had there been a system of mass communication but there was only radio. Today there is mass media.

We have spoken over the years of the separation of the classes and this recession is creating a rift that is greater yet in dividing the poor from the rich. They are like standing upon solid land at one day and then comes the earthquake and splits the earth apart and half of those that are standing there are cast into the chasm below. And now they become street people, homeless, lost, forgotten. If there is no action the same shall begin to shed blood. They will become violent.

You are toying with a system that has devised a new type of evil. It is as old as time but never in time has it been so well controlled. It is called hunger. But then you should well remember who hunger is. Do you not know who hunger is?"

"I'm not sure."

"He has companions. Pestilence is another of his companions. Do you remember him?"

"I believe so yes. You are talking about the Four Horseman?"

"At last you remember, and what is there now coursing over the world?"

"Major unemployment and the Four Horseman are sitting ready."

"They are not ready, they are within the midst. What is pestilence, it is disease. You have cholera anew."


"You have tuberculosis that resist the antibiotics, you have Aids, you have other plagues, you even have gas warfare and germ warfare. These are the tools of pestilence. Mass unemployment produces hunger."

"So these things have sit with us for a long time but we could not see it because of this east west cold war that we had... we could not see it."

"Often times the man who walks through the forest at night does not know he is in the forest till daylight. But now I call you to think of all of the store houses and reserves of food that are held in this land in the name of the government, wherein is enough food to feed half the world and your own are hungry and yet billions are shipped to help feed the hungry in Russia. Paradoxical is it not, that they feed the Bear so that the Bear will not attack and their own could be worse than the Bear if the hunger reaches deep enough.

The famine or hunger is upon many. There is only one alternative and that is for the people to recognize what and who have brought them into this situation and take the proper course of action to produce a change.

It is no different to think of Hitler discussing, during dinner, the millions that were exterminated than it is to think of your officials casual bantering at their dinner table the percentages of unemployed. And we say to you the army is in the millions and the hungry man will serve any master. It is not that it is a hopeless situation but if people do not act upon the situation and do not reach out to help resolve the situation then anarchy shall control your streets even as they report that sections of Los Angles are beyond control of the police.

These are times that try men's souls but those who harden their hearts shall truly pay the price or as it was said in another century; "they shall sup sorrow with the wooden spoon". That is all."

Conversations with David -- One Parent Child (Feb 26, 1992)

"Concerning my son, he has had a few health problems recently, one is scarlet fever and the other having an infection in his eyes. Can you tell us about the problem or tell us the cause of those problems."

"The primary cause is association."

"What do you mean association?"

"Other children who are carrying the disease."

"And that would be in the school?"

"That is correct. Children are not extremely hygienic and it is easy to pass infections from one child to another. It has always been so."

"His mother says that he has been disruptive at school and that he has been wetting the bed and soiling his underwear. Is this a problem area or is this just a normal accident for that age?"

"It is not an accident. It represents the reaction, the psychological reaction, the child going through such a phase is usually trying to attract attention."

"Trying to get more attention from his mother?"

"That is correct."

"OK, and these are the methods that he is using."

"These are what might be termed classic methods."

"So, his mother has said that maybe the health problem might be the result of negative energy being sent to her because she has had some problems with her coworker in her job. Do you have any information related to this?"

"The area (Miami) abounds with negative energies. We do not feel that there is a single person directing the energies. Certainly the house does accumulate energies that are not positive."

"They are seeing things in the house and they are having unusual electrical problems in the house. Is this part of the negative energy that they are seeing? Are these entities that are coming through the house is there any information you can give on that?"

"It is not so much of the entities they are seeing or the things they are seeing are negative. It is simply that they are energies."

"I see. I have agreed to go down there this weekend to do a house clearing for them. Do you have any suggestions or comments?"

"Nothing in specific. You know what is to be done. Do not forget to leave a door open."

"Correct, is there anything that you would like to touch about my son that I have not mentioned that needs to be addressed?"

"All children especially those in a divorce or separated parent situation go through an identity crisis and a security complex. It is difficult for the child to understand all of the different elements. When there is but one parent there is less than half as much time available for the child because one parent now must do everything. That parent no longer has the time to devote as much time with the child as exist in a normal situation, so not only is the child missing one parent but the other one is not as attentive as the child feels necessary. These problems result in behavioral or deportment problems and it is not unusual to see them result in the wetting or the bed-wetting."

"I do not understand the word deportment."


"Oh OK. There is not much I can do from here."

"At his age it is a little young but it would not be adverse to have a child psychologist examine him."

"OK, That would help him?"

"It could assist him and the mother in directing his energies."

"Do you recommend any particular type of child psychologist."

"No a child psychologist of any of the gender are well equipped to understand this problem. It is not an unusual problem, it is simply that he is a sensitive child."

"OK, is there anything else you wish to deal with in this area or needs to be dealt with in this area."

"We do not believe that there is anything that we could contribute that would be directly beneficial to you in as much as you are quite limited in the action."

"Possibly speaking to him more often would that help?"

"That certainly would. It is a classic problem, the child needs the parental figures, when the child lacks the parental figure he must depend upon himself or upon his playmates to help him create imaginary figures or parents. Thus a disruptive activity is simply a means of crying for attention.

The wetting or messing is returning to the childhood where as a baby when that was done he received attention. That is all there is to it."

     Copyright by Richard Rebeck, Peggy Steinberg, Salvatore Cacciola