Light Messenger

(Volume 12, Chapter 3)

Messenger I - War

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

Though you are thousands of miles from the theater of war, the echoes of the destruction are vibrating in this very atmosphere. Whenever there is a war of this magnitude, the earth is surrounded, encompassed completely, by the vibratory energy of the destruction that is occurring. It is for this reason that even we, the Messengers, encounter some difficulty in maintaining vibratory balance.

When an individual thinks negative, a positive energy being may not approach.

This is what often happens with your guide. If you turn to a negative frame of mind, such as anger, the guide cannot draw near, but rather is repulsed. So it is that when the actions upon the earth become negative, such as in war, we find the earth plane shielded in the very negativity that is being fought against, especially here within this geographic sector, this country, because it is the leader in the war. The energies projected from this country are not prayers of peace, but are waves of anger and hatred. Those few who pray for peace are like the whispers of ants lost in the roar of the ocean at the beach. The toll is heavy, not only in the death and in the destruction, the toll is heavy in the vibrations. How can there be joy in the words and in the mouth and in the faces of those who have killed an enemy? This very day, those pilots who destroyed other aircraft were elated over their kill. We are not dealing with a machine killing a machine, it was a man killing a man. Must the act of Cain and Abel forever be repeated?

If there must be war, go to war with a heavy heart.

If there be death, look upon the death with sorrow and respect. There is no right; there is no wrong, for both are equally so. The moralities and immoralities abound. War may well be the times that try men's souls, trying them in the test to determine if there is joy in the killing. If there is joy in the taking of life, and if both sides take joy in the lives that they have destroyed, then are not both equal? And are not both then the animals, but worse than even the animals of the jungle who do not destroy without need. There is no light when the automatic rifle is creating its deadly staccato. There is no light or blessing in the rhythmic clanking of the treads of a tank, and there is no balance in the rhythmic clicking of the weapons, nor is it the voice of God that is heard through the roar of the jet engines. It is in these theaters, these arenas, that you, mankind collectively, become as the gladiators of Rome, they and their victims. At times, in the course of life, it is necessary through the interaction with life to struggle with others who are of a negative bent, but there can never be an excuse for taking joy in the repulsing of such negativity.

There can never be excuse for the joy in killing.

We take no position politically for or against the actions of any one government or of the Nations United. We abhor the actions taken by Saddam Hussein, and we see the negativity that he creates and generates. But the soldier that he sends out is still a spiritual being occupying a physical body. He is still the son of a mother, the husband of a woman and the father of a child. He is still a brother, both spiritually and physically.

Those who kill carry the karma of their attitude and their reaction to the killing, more than just to the act. Woe unto those who found joy in the taking of a life!

In all conflicts, we find a common thread. If you find joy in the killing of an animal or a bird without need, it is easy then to move up the scale and take on bigger animals until you kill a man. We have a saying in our plane of reality:

It is said, that in our observation, that all killers of men are eaters of meat.

The implication is very strong. You who eat meat are killers of animals. Their blood is upon your hands, and you are doubly guilty of their death, for not only do you eat their flesh, but you have others kill them for you, as if to exonerate yourself from the guilt of the act of killing, which is hardly what could be termed a humane thing. And, as you take the blood from the meat, the ancient idea of the sympathetic magic is not totally lost. The cannibal believed that to eat the heart of his enemy would give him the courage. The symbolic idea that the heart was the center of courage is not new with one civilization, and there is a root of truth in the spiritual energy attached.

The animal instinct of man is increased when he eats the flesh of animals.

The flesh of animals is no different than the flesh of men, for man too is an animal. But think well upon the thought that we find not killers of men amongst those who do not eat of the flesh. That is not to say, that there is not one or even several, but their energy is microscopic in comparison with those others. The anger that is manifested against the war or against the enemy is an animalistic anger. Reduce the source of stimulus for the animalistic response within the being. It is not to say that conflicts will cease entirely when man no longer kills animals, but it is to say that his solution to those conflicts will certainly not be animalistic.

Why is the war being glorified? Why are you, the people, tolerating the glorification?

Let be done what must be done and do it quickly, but find no joy nor glory in the execution. There are none within the battered lands who praise your names, and the mothers who sit with lifeless children in their arms do curse your souls to the end of time, as do the fathers and the brothers.

All of you who have participated by being part of the entity known as a nation are part of the karma that is created by their hatred.

Double your efforts to bring forward the light, and hope that the light will gain you forgiveness of those whom you have killed. And at least, look to bring the light to the soul in transition, that it may see the reality for what it is. A Messenger running in the middle of the battlefield with an olive branch would not be heard in this conflict and would be quickly dispatched by both sides. We carry no olive branch. We only bring you our eye witness report of the battle between the sons of light and the sons of darkness as it progresses this moment with the darkened earth, red with the blood of innocence. That is all."

Conversations With David

Note: The following questions were posed to David in four sessions during the period of January 23rd to February 6th 1991. Obviously, much has ensued since then, but we think you will find David's comments to be interesting, despite new developments since that time.

"I have a question about the Gulf, which would probably be of prime interest to some of the readers of the Light Messenger. How does a light worker, as a spiritual individual, deal with the mixed emotions that the war brings? For example, I see Saddam Hussein as a villain, someone who needs to be corrected and opposed, but I still feel disappointed that war is raging again on the planet. How does a light worker, in general, deal with a crisis such as this? Should he/she pick sides? Should he/she stay neutral? Any inspiration from you would be helpful."

"You are dealing with all of the natural problems. First, let us define historically of what we are speaking, for there is a great gulf between the words you use and their final meaning, and we are not speaking of the Gulf of Mexico, but rather the Gulf of Persia and the war that is currently being waged between members of the United Nations and Iraq. Is that not correct?"

"Yes, that is correct, albeit the United States has the primary forces or represents the primary opponent to Saddam Hussein."

"I believe the word would be more correct to say that the United States is the strongest arm of the United Nations. It is important in these sessions that when we speak of world events, that we define them clearly so that future generations reading these words will not be confused as to the gulf of emotions that are being spread about.

Dealing with the question of war, the element of war and peace was well described by Tolstoy in his book. The light worker is a human being full of emotions, both positive and negative, emotions of outrage, patriotism and spirituality. That is in itself a natural conflict. At times it is healthy to let an emotion play itself out, providing it does not manifest itself in physical acts. The right and wrong are more obvious in retrospect.

If you think it difficult for the light worker upon the physical plane, please realize that those of us on this plane, including your own guide, have been sorely occupied dealing with the transitions that have occurred in greater numbers. It is the guides of the light workers that assist the victims of war. We do not find our emotions raised by a flag or the sight of a machine spitting fire moving through the sky. Nor do we find it comforting to hear the boom of destruction as large quantities of explosives destroy other explosives, nor does it make sense to the elderly or the children who are frightened, injured or killed.

War is an abhorrent thing and no man should find pleasure in the goings and comings of war. And yet, one must ask what of the Saddam Hussein and his ilk, shall they be then ignored? That is not the nature of man, and the nature of man is to castigate or punish those who are wrong. Before you can totally condemn war, you must first condemn the assassination that you practice in the name of justice within your system. There is no difference between the death in a war and execution of a criminal in your electric chair or your chamber of gas or your hangman's stand or the injection of death. These are equal. And if one must extend it to all the directions, the ruthless slaughter and senseless slaughter that man perpetrates upon himself upon his highways, with his bottle of hope in one hand and blindness in his eye, of the hunters seeking out the primitive thrill of their ancestral blood, looking to kill with a flash of light and the sound of lightning and heated lead. The animal kingdom is equal in its glory to man because it is innocent and man is not. Shall we then not look to the problem of the slaughter of the innocence of the animals, the cruelty and inhumane treatment, the sadistic system that you call welfare? What of the street people, the homeless of your nation, the alcoholics, the drug addicts and those simply without the education or intelligence to fight well in the battle of the way? Are not these things equally abhorrent as is the war? How many die in a single holiday upon your highways? It will take many weeks of war to match one weekend of your July 4th. We do not pardon war by the comparison. We point out from where comes the energy.

And yet, when there is war, the man who is most balanced is the man who follows through to the solution, taking no pleasure in the acts that precede the solution.

We do not say that the end justifies the means; and yet, in the end, the means will have been what they will have been, and we cannot change what has been. But if we arrive at the day of peace when the world at last can know a time of peace, then the means indeed will have justified or been justified by the end or the goal achieved. A complex and confusing thought.

Remember, that no soul has ever been destroyed. You can ravage the planet, you can ravage the body, but the spirit triumphs over all. Until the cruelty, the prejudice, the inhumanity that exists between man and man within his own countries, until that comes to an end, how can we think of war as being much different? It is only a focused version of what goes under the name of peace. Be not dismayed. There is progress. The snail moves forward."

"Well, your words do provide a clearer perspective, because seeing little children going to school with gas masks in hand is a very sad thing. As I see it then, it's sort of acknowledging that we live in a human world with animal instincts which have to run their course, but knowing that there's a spiritual energy above and beyond which cannot be tarnished."

"That is true, but also remember that, that which today is abhorrent to you, yesterday was the source of your pleasure. Do you understand?"

"Yes, and I'm sure a lot of people may have feelings of guilt or mixed feelings, because at one time they were for crushing the enemy or were perhaps very racist or very hawkish and now realize the error of their previous attitudes. Taking all that into account, I guess we need to give the military and the patriots their due, realizing that there is a greater good beyond all of that, perhaps the world will be a little saner in the future."

"That is correct. And remember, that in the week of the war, more children have died of hunger than all of those who will die in this conflict. Everything must be dealt with in relativity to the reality in which it exists. That does not make it correct. One does not balance good and evil with comparison, one deals with reality of evolution by comparison."

"We've been trying, probably just a week to the day, to liberate Kuwait. What time frame do you see generally for the conflict? Will the war last weeks or months?"

"We see the souls ascending and the smoke of war beyond the ides of March, and beyond that we cannot tell at this time."

"Dealing with the smoke of war, can you comment on what short and long term ecological consequences will come of the detonation of the oil wells in Kuwait being detonated by Iraq? (Note: This question was prior to the release of oil in the Gulf.) There was a report today in Iran of greasy black rain falling in one of the provinces, which is probably the mere result of the detonation of oil wells. Some scientists predict crop failures from the reduced sunlight. What light can you shed on that subject?"

"We feel it is yet very early to tell. The earth has her form to cleanse herself. If the problem is not brought to gigantic proportion, as it exists at the moment, it is a tolerable factor not much greater than some of the great volcanic explosions that have occurred. Do you remember historically of the volcano island of Krakatoa?"

"Yes, the entire center part of the island blew out leaving just a little ringlet of land. I'm sure billions of tons of earth went skyward."

"And lasted for more than 20 years, so that at sunset there was a red ring produced for more than 20 of your earth years as a result of one volcano. It is early yet to tell, but remember, not only the fire of burning a hydrocarbon material and the bombs and their explosions, but much worse will be the toxic chemicals if released into the environment. That can produce a change that is much greater. The chemical, the nerve gas that is so diluted that it cannot harm a human, can still kill insects, small animals and birds and certainly destroy plants. But these things are formed at such complex patterns that one can only wait to assess their value for danger as they pass."

"But the potential for danger and for concern is there?"

"Danger, yes. Catastrophe, no."

"Since we have apparently bombed two nuclear power facilities in Iraq, do you see any kind of serious nuclear problem due to radiation?"

"The containment system is sufficient to protect against major problems of an ecological nature due to the radiation that would occur. There is no immediate danger in that area."

"The other question I have in relation to the Iran/Iraq crisis in the Gulf relates to the threats of terrorism. Do you foresee any realistic threats of major terrorism in the US?"

"They are planned, yes."

"Are the threats of such nature and scope that they will be of important or grave nature in terms of property damage or the type of target that might be involved?"

"Have you ever been stung by a bee?"


"Was he not insignificant in comparison to your body as a whole?"

"Yes, but it could be rather painful or if one were allergic to bees, it might be dangerous."

"But to say the least, he took your attention. So it is with the Arab terrorism. They shall sting like bees, they shall take great attention, but their final effect will be minimal. We are not being vague. The types and places are not yet formed in their minds. They have 20 targets for each act. That is to say, if they have one bomb, they wish to place it in 20 different locations. They have not formulated plans for lack of proper communication."

"Right, and I take it this threat will be fairly well spread around the world, because we hear reports even today, of bombings in Venezuela and Turkey and various other countries."

"Manila in the Philippines. It is well spread, as even the terrorism of the Arabs and PLO has been over these last few years."

"Will the terrorist attacks be protracted over a long period of time, or do you see them dissipating after a few months or after the conflict between the United Nations and Iraq is completed?"

"It will be protracted even after Iraq no longer wishes to participate. Other elements seeking to make themselves known will use the opportunity to continue their terrorism."

"Will we see other military powers such as Libya and Syria popping up in the immediate future to cause problems?"

"They are not half the danger as Iran itself."

"Has the bombing had a great effect on Iran?"

"That question is not clear. The bombing had a great effect on your end."

"No, on Iran."

"On Iraq."

"Oh sorry, I meant Iraq, wrong country."

"It has had an effect upon both. Iran is nervous that some of the impact or bombs may stray across the border. Iraq suffered the attacks of Iran for 8 years. Do you truly think that one week has made a great impact upon them?"

"Probably not."

"10,000 sorties or 20,000, however you wish to count them, does not change the nature of the people until the attack comes to the people. Because of that which you call your Convention of Geneva, which no one seems to adhere to except when it is convenient, because of this Convention, you are now not attacking civilian areas. Formulated in 1949, it was too late to save the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It is saving the cities of Iraq. A man who is not beaten or struck does not fall to his knees very quickly. You are beating at the fences and barns and outhouses of the people of Iraq, but you are not directing yourself to them. Therefore, they can be philosophical about their luck and credit their concept of Deity with the blessing. When there is no more food or water or shelter, then the desperation forces them to negotiate, but a man who negotiates in hunger seldom seeks the truth."

"There has been very little resistance from the coalition forces. Is Saddam Hussein waiting for the ground war?"

"Have you ever seen an attack of locusts?"


"What resistance could you give?"


"But when do you strike them? After they have made their attack and are fat with their glory! He is waiting for a moment of weakness, be it supplies that have not arrived, a reduction in the ammunition or opportunities of carelessness."

"Is there anything that we can do to shorten this affair in the Middle East?"

"If you would give me a half a million souls to make that decision, they could."

"I don't understand your answer."

"Your energies of a positive nature surrounding Saddam with light all help, but the force and direction of this war is being pushed by millions of consciousness'. Therefore, we require a great number to counter that act. The sum conscious attention, the vector sum as you might term it, of energy is directly proportional to the number of consciousness' involved. You often succeed because of apathy. The light worker conquers darkness because of apathy. But in a war, you are apathetic. In a war, emotions are high, adrenalin is high and consciousness is focused; therefore, one can flake away at the stone while millions die. It is important for your own spiritual development that you maintain the enemy surrounded by light."

"David, is it possible for you to contact the guide of Saddam Hussein and perhaps give us any information about the individual that might facilitate sending him light?"

"The street urchin who becomes dictator does not have time in his life for positive moments. His pleasure is in his possessions, and his ambition is greater than his concern for the welfare of those about him. This entity uses religion as a tool and weapon, but has no true belief. His guide is basically out of work. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I do. I was hoping to find some redeeming quality in the individual upon which to focus. I take it then, that his guide has been out of work for some time."

"That is correct. The late Ayatollah Khomeini was a religious man, one who believed in his path and in his religion. He was reachable through the spiritual vision. Saddam Hussein is a dead man who lives, and worse than most, he knows it. Therefore, all to him is but as a game, and the whim or impulse of one moment to the next is what motivates his primal desire."

"The last two evenings, I have felt very strongly compelled to meditate at midnight, and I don't really know why. Could you perhaps ask my guide what is the compelling reason for the meditation at the midnight hour?"

"Think well, young friend, what hour is it in that part of the world where it is the conflict?"

"It would be the start of their new day."

"And what is happening at that time?"

"They are moving from darkness into light."

"That is also when death is raining down upon Iraq. The Allied attacks are occurring in the hours of light. Do you think that the attacks, the feeble futile attacks of Iraq, have much of an impact upon the numbers? Psychologically perhaps, but the numbers of people injured and killed is very small in comparison with those who are eliminated by the bombs of more than 10,000 sorties, as your generals have said. Do you understand?"

"Yes. Is then, the focus of my meditation to bring light to the living or to assist the transition of those departing?"

"Can you imagine the difficulty we have in dealing with the souls of women and children and men who are fragmented by your bombs? It is they and the living who need your light. The care that they receive is our responsibility. The degree of recovery and the healing energy also comes from your plane. Shall they return to seek vengeance, or shall they find love emanating from this planet, from the very source they seek to hate in their transition? Do you understand?"

"Yes, I do, but sometimes I feel very helpless."

"We stood and watched the thousands when the atomic weapons were used. We watched the hundreds of thousands who died in your other wars, and many are the time we had no voice. If you do not become beacons of love to those of your enemy who have died, then their consciousness, being separated from their physical forms by such force, shall seek with vengeance and hatred which would be natural for them. But as they focus their mind and their hearts with the hatred and vengeance, if they find love coming to aid them, then their hatred is reduced. They need not return again to fulfill this conflict, eternal as it seems to be. Let us bring an end to war! Let not the souls make their transition in hatred and alone. Let them find the light and the love."

"In my meditations I've been sort of envisioning the souls departing the earth as if they were beautiful birds rising up from the death and destruction on the battlefield. I find the meditation somewhat emotional and am wondering if my visual picture is valid or if there is a better way to focus light and love to those departing."

"If it were not emotional, it would not be of value. The analogy is valid, remembering that one sees as one believes. The realm of spirit lends itself not to form, at least not readily; therefore, what one believes or with what one is most comfortable, that thing or that form will become for the moment of transition as in the case of the bird."

"Yes, for me the bird represents the beauty and freedom that the departing souls need to be feeling and experiencing, not the focusing on death and destruction."

"If one could take the gold dust of the Brotherhood's presence's and sprinkle it in the air before those who make their transition, their path will clearly be marked. From your vantage point, you are from the source of light, and all that you leave behind and put in front of them becomes as miraculous light for them to follow. The lights and forms that have been reported are indeed those of you who are working from the physical through the spirit and back to the physical. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I do. Am I also to understand that a lot of the energy that I send takes place without my even knowing it? I've given my guide permission to use my energies as best they are needed, being unsure of exactly what to do, but having the best of intentions and setting aside the time to meditate. I think a lot happens on the unconscious level."

"That is correct."

"Does it also happen during the day as well?"

"That is so, but it is even a greater experience if one can visualize the snow falling, wherein the snow are flakes of light falling about you, in front of you, creating a pathway. Remember always, that you, the light workers, are indeed the light at the end of the tunnel."

"One night during my midnight meditation, I was confronted by what I believe was the energy of Saddam Hussein. The image I got while I was sending light, love and golden flakes from the Brotherhood was that of Saddam Hussein doing just the opposite. He was attaching shackles to the people, spreading darkness and willing his people to be condemned into the earth plane. Any comment on that?"

"It was not the entity Hussein himself, but rather a negative force which is typical of the energy he and his associates generate. Therefore, it feeds upon them, takes their form and basically wishes to do as you have described. Why do you think you are needed?"

"Well, it was kind of a shock to see. The sum of it, if I read it correctly, was that the people were his and they were bonded to him. It was a commitment for life and beyond, and he was literally trying to condemn their souls to the earth place. What is the best way for dealing with that energy?"

"First, you must understand that Hussein is not religious. Second, the form for dealing with any energy of that type is always the same: Surround the negativity with the light, but never attack it."

"I had a rather vivid dream recently. I dreamed that I was in Baghdad, or certainly an Iraqi city, and a nuclear weapon had been detonated. I was fairly close to ground zero, enough to feel the blast knock me up against a building. Is that a portent of a possible use of nuclear weapons in this battle with Iraq?"

"That is not a portent. Nor is it a possible condition, though theoretically, it could exist. There are no energies toward that at this time. But if one puts the question in one's mind about the use of nuclear weapons, then that becomes one of the possible scenarios. Do not dwell upon it, for in so doing, you can also create the very scenario that one wishes to avoid."

"David, I would like to ask a question of a different nature. Back on August 28th of 1990, you made a prediction that silver would be between $7 and $10 an ounce in approximately 9 months. Five months have past since then and silver is now at $3.93. I am wondering if your outlook for the time period still holds true for the $7 TO $10 range?"

"We still find that a valid probability. If we move into the future and take one of your newspapers and look within the columns of metals, we find the futures posted at said values, and they are still in that area. The timing may slide slightly as a result of these international matters, but we do not feel that the deviation is much greater than 60 or 90 days. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I do. An analyst predicted that this summer the dollar would be devalued by 20%. If that is the case, then gold would jump quite markedly in price, and he commented that the last time the dollar was devalued that amount was about 20 years ago under President Nixon. Do you have any comment on that prediction?"

"We are not clear of what it was or when was this devaluation with Nixon."

"Well, the analyst said that the devaluation of the dollar occurred approximately 20 years ago when Nixon had it done and that the changes in gold would be more closely tied to what the value of the dollar would be. He said that would be a key factor for gold jumping in price in the summer, which would seem to tie into silver following behind."

"That is correct. But the true devaluation of the dollar occurred under Lyndon Johnson in 1964 when the United States came off of the gold standard. That was the true devaluation. After that, any variation in the value of the dollar internationally is based upon produced goods and reserves, as well as the debt caused by international purchases, import and export. It is possible, although we have not concerned ourselves with the fluctuation of the dollar in the world market since that does not directly affect the individual here, it is highly possible that this melds together with the variations we have seen. We have no direct knowledge of what would trigger the variations in the value of the dollar."

"David, is there anything else you wish to say at this time?"

"Only that the Brotherhood seeks their opportunity to present the Messengers, and further, they seek to find the support here to distribute the book (Spanish edition of the Light Messengers) amongst those who find that language to be more natural for them. We also wish to recognize very strongly, the tremendous work and sacrifice that the entity, Alejandro Martin has made, as one who was touched only by the message itself, who took the message to his heart before knowing any of the members and who has marched forward with more light than the majority of those who have worked in the light.

Coordinate your efforts to continue the publication. The time has past to hear the excuses. Are we clear? If there are problems, rectify them, and if there are those who cannot participate, excuse them and find another, but let each look to his blessings in proportion to the energy he has put forward against his own commitment, against his own word. Those who have continued to fulfill have continued to receive. Those who do not fulfill are cut off, as a tree that bears no fruit is cut off from the water. You have 9 years to finish this century; and yet, you have 25 years of work to complete in those 9. There is much work to be done. This is not a time of relaxation. We have said in other messages that one cannot take the positive reactions and rest upon the laurels. The powers of darkness seek to create confusion. The Light Messenger must go forward at this moment."

Messenger II - War and the Light Worker

"Greetings from the Brotherhood!

There are many questions which beset the light worker in these times, in these times, once again of war, of the conflict of man against man, machine against machine and machine against man. The problem affects all. It affects the pacifist, the hawk, the patriot, the worker, the father, the mother, and in these times, even the parental roles are confused with women serving in the active theater of war.

Where sits the light worker in such a thing as war?

Certainly, these types of conflicts create conflicting emotions within the most evolved consciousness. To be against the war seems unpatriotic. To be for the war seems negative and animalistic. Is there such a thing as a war of honor or with honor? Can the killing of your fellow man be justified? Does one kill to prevent killing? But then again, does not one have to look at the source, at the means by which the conflict began?

Who is the negative element in this conflict? Is it the entity whom they call Saddam Hussein? But then, who is this man, not born of kings, who has such great power and from whence came his power? Certainly, in the present state of his madness, and within your frame of reference it is a type of madness, certainly the world must seek to control it, but is this the way to control it? Do bombs become the method? On the contrary, to have blockaded the country and caused the population to starve to death would have been equally out of balance.

We take you back to your own commandments, and we reiterate the commandment above all others: 'Thou shalt not kill!'

If then, this Commandment you break, all others are broken by it. Thou shalt not kill! But then, you have not yet come out of the killing fields, for you still kill without concern. You kill, in your sense of the word, in many forms and many places within the walks of life as you know them. Do you not still kill the helpless animal only for its food or its meat to serve you as food? Is this not a killing? And not satisfied with the meat of the adult, you kill the children so that the meat will be more tender. Ah, but your hands are clean. You do not kill the animal yourself to partake of its energy and spirit force, you have others do it in large concentrations where a thousand or more animals may die daily. I believe you term these places slaughterhouses. Then certainly, since you are accustomed to slaughterhouses and the stench of death, then what is a little war where you slaughter your own kind? Does that truly have a different meaning? You march in the street to support individual rights, and you march in opposition to the rights. But yet, more than a million physical forms of human gender are terminated each year, and you very cleverly use the word, abortion, not slaughter. Then what is a 'little war'? What is the death of a child for a woman with child? These things have no meaning. The bombs rain down, they are not important.

One cannot alter the nature of other people. One cannot change the destiny that is formed by nations. One can only alter the course of his or her own being. You may change the orbital path by which you revolve around the sun that is your society and world. You may draw nearer to it or farther from it, but about it you must go. The light worker may not partake in the killing and look for the light. In every drop of blood that is shed, there are a thousand nights of darkness. If conflict there must be, then it is better that soldier fight soldier and not machine against people. The cause is good, but there is no justification even for a good cause. To kill is wrong. To deprive others of their opportunity to live is not in balance.

But we must step backward, and not as critics but as observers, and ask ourselves the question, 'How is it possible that Saddam Hussein grew to such power? Who was it that aided him and put him upon his throne whereupon he sits this day? Who gilded the inside of his coffer with the gold that he has used?' Certainly, not the black gold of the ground alone. Without the blessing of many parts of the world, he could not possibly have maintained his position and grown in such power and stature. The fact that power has corrupted him and driven him mad is not a new thing, and those who helped put him there share in the karmic blame for what has come to pass.

The young ones have gone to war. Some shall return no more, and their memories shall be a bittersweet pain to the families and loved ones. They shall become the pride of a nation and its cry for vengeance. And their blood and the blood of many innocents still with them shall suffice to give the forces of darkness more strength and more power, even as was said by David, that this was not a time to rest and count one's laurels. These are troubled times indeed! Even the peace in the eastern part of Europe is trying to dissolve itself. Look upon the world over the last six months and how the powers of darkness have struck out. The heart that is burdened with hatred and patriotism or nationalism or prejudice can never generate the healing light. Only the heart that cries for all who die, the heart that sheds tears for all that is destroyed, only they may bring about the solution through their blessing. Bring about the capitulation of evil by enshrining the evil in light.

Let the light be as a golden capsule, first about the greed and the avarice, and last, about the man whose very blood is intoxicated and poisoned with the dark forces.

In the blindness that has been brought to him, he believes he is right. Remember, that no army has ever conquered a people who believed in that for which they fought.

You, the light workers, have been disbanded. You have separated yourselves because you felt it was no longer necessary to be joined together. Without the unification of light, the darkness cannot be burned away. Each one can contribute his light. And remember, that the hours of darkness are the hours in which the light is needed most, not only here in your darkness, but in that darkness there as well. And we give you the paradox: That because of the relationship of the world to time, you are the past trying to change the future. For that which is transpiring there in the Middle East, as you term it, is now 7 hours in the future to the here and now, so that at this very hour another day has formed. It is tomorrow; and yet, you can change the future from the past, even though the future now exists simultaneously with the past of which you are part.

Each point of light can annihilate an acre of darkness.

Be not so few, those of you who try to take the moment. We neither bless nor curse, condone nor condemn, but he who does nothing or does not have the time to try, shall receive no blessing.

Bearers of light bear not arms. Bearers of light bear truth upon their lips, light in their hearts and the pain of the world upon their shoulders.

Be the light that blesses those who appear to be evil. Be the light that cleanses those who appear to be dirty. Be the light that heals the madness of the times. Bring about the meditation, the focus of light, in the morning and in the night and in whatever other time is possible. Seek out the Sanctuary. Seek other light beings to bring to focus the collective energy.

To stand against darkness takes more courage than to take a rifle against another man.

Let your weapon and ammunition be the light, the light that brings joy and peace and well-being, the light that heals men and nations. May it be so. That is the end of this message."

More Conversations With David

The following are excerpts from sessions held in Venezuela in January of 1991. The first questions came from a young man only 12 years old.

"Why does man seem to prefer war instead of peace?"

"That is our question! Much of the animal nature still exists within man's being. As of yet in his growth and development he still believes that material possessions are important. He has not yet arrived at that point of realizing that peace is the way of life. But there is still hope. Let it be that this century will be the last century of war.

Young people like yourself have the opportunity to create a new world but only if it is done with love. This will not come to pass until, prejudice is eliminated, separation by color, race or religion is stopped, and mankind realizes that all are God's children, brothers and sisters equal and alike. The family that fights within itself is a family destroyed. The family of love is a family that is recreating the world. When there is peace in the world and mankind is one, then and only then can the divine promise be realized."

"It would appear that the belief in God hasn't saved man from his separatism. Will mankind someday be one spiritual community?"

"Yes they will, that day will come to pass. You are yet children in your development and only a short time has really passed in your growth. You don't have the time vision of the Brotherhood or you would see that although there is a great distance to go, the day will come when man will be a unified group, a spiritual community. Remember that in a form of speaking, you are Gods in the becoming.

It is not the belief in God that will save man, it is the belief in himself that will be his salvation as well as the realization of the need to live and work together harmoniously.

It is difficult for the hungry man to think of his spirituality. It is sad to think that there are persons preoccupied with saving the souls of children who are starving to death when what they really need is food for their stomachs. The hungry man does not meditate well and hunger has its own type of prayer. The inhumanity of humankind may appear incomprehensible, but you are making progress."

"David, we are beginning to work together as a small light group and since this is your first session here in Mérida we wondered if you have any special message for us?"

"I don't believe there is a better location in Venezuela to begin this light work. But remember that even with good ideas and positive thoughts there exists the danger of negativity. It is easier to be negative than to be positive and the forces of darkness are always trying to obscure the work of the light. Without values and morals there are no just men and without light workers there is no way to illuminate the world. All things that improve the life of man and permit him to live together in peace are the goals of the light worker. Be light workers if you can and if you can be light itself."

A Message from Peggia

Hi! It has been quite some time since I took pen in hand to share personally with our Light Messenger friends. Somewhere along the way, I reasoned that the words of David and the Brotherhood were more important than trivial news concerning Richard, Salvatore or myself. I still believe that to be the case, but I also feel that perhaps a personal touch may be needed at this time.

During the last couple of years, my feeling has been that maybe it was time to put the Light Messenger to rest. We had covered all the bases and after all, no one wants to read redundant material, a perspective which may have been born from own personal desire to create changes and get on with new directions in my life.

All that aside, one day in January as I was standing in my kitchen, I suddenly had a strong feeling that I should perhaps go to St Augustine for a session with David and the Brotherhood, that we needed to put out a Light Messenger. It wasn't but 24 hours later when my phone rang with news that David had put out the word - we needed to do a Messenger.

So... the point is, that even though much time has elapsed and much has transpired for each of us, we are still here and we are still attempting to serve the light as best we can. I cannot tell you how often we will be able to publish the Light Messenger, nor can I tell you how long it will continue, but I can report that each of us in the Light Messenger family is committed, and not casually, to produce it for as long as the Brotherhood sees fit. It is an important vehicle of communication, perhaps more important than we will ever know in terms of the evolution of human consciousness. The commitment was made, aeons ago, by Richard, Salvatore, myself and several others in our immediate circle whose names have never been brought to the forefront. We believe in the messages of the Brotherhood, and I repeat, we are committed to this work!

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